Inspiring Greatness – SEE Summit 2017

Attendees at the SEE Summit 2017

Every student has greatness inside them. It`s up to us as teachers to help them find it. This is also SMART Technologies` mission. Together with schools and SMART Exemplary Educators, they aim to empower teachers to build classrooms and environments where students can uncover the greatness inside them by learning and collaborating.

As part of this mission and to achieve their aims, SMART Technologies host a Global Summit every summer for teachers from around the world.

July 8, I went to Calgary to attend this Summit for the 3rd time! Although I have been there two times before, my expectations were great – maybe just because I’ve participated before. I knew what a unique opportunity this was to learn from the best, contribute and to meet new friends from all over the world.

We were 32 teachers from 8 countries  that attended the SEE Summit 17. Nine of us had participated at the summit before, and we served as mentors. Our task was to take care of all the new participant. I saw this as an important task, because even if the Summit is a fantastic experience, it can also be a little overwhelming .  This gave me also the opportunity to get in touch with everyone, both during the day and by including social activities in the afternoon. So thank you Smart Technologies, for my new friends!

Calgary Tower with the «newbies»



The main theme for Summit 17 and for SMART`s product launch this year, was «Inspire greatness».  What can we do, so  learners discovered their unique greatness in the classroom? Some of the Nordic SEE`s discussed how to translate this into our language. We found that blossom or flourish, could bee good words that express the same.

Finding their purpose

Again I experienced that SMART Technologies really listened to us and was genuine interested in our thoughts on how to enhance the students learning and education. They gave us an extraordinary insight into new products and they listened to our feedback on ideas they presented and how to promote them . The managers in Smart Technologies  also participated in all the social events! This made them «one of us» and we  felt valued in a sincere way.

Greg Estell and Nicholas Svensson serving drinks at the BBQ lunch

Peer to peer sessions are always interesting ,and I got new ideas for my teaching.

Together with another SEE, I also had a session. We showed different ways to use and create videos in the classroom.

Stella and Donna presenting SMART amp

The highlight for me was the ‘Hackathon’. The Hackathon gave us the opportunity to work with SMART’s Software Developers to improve or develop new software with them. They wanted to hear from us about what`s needed in the classroom. The developers sat together with us and discussed and after they created a new function, lab or something totally new. I must say, their competence astonished me… again.  It all ended with a fantastic presentation and award of winners. Now we have to wait and see. Perhaps some of our ideas become reality in the near future!

White Hat Ceremony was another highlight.This is a ceremony where we were celebrated for the job we do and we were even made «Honorary calgarian»!

Even though I knew what would happen, I was still touched by the reception, the sincerity and the fact that all the staff were present. To see the faces and reactions of those who did not know what was happening, was a big and touching experience too.

Reverend SEEs

SMART Technologies also showed us some typical Calgarian culture. Wednesday we attended Calgary Stampede, the greatest outdoor show on earth. The Calgary Stampede is an annual  rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July. The ten-day event attracts over one million visitors per year and features one of the world’s largest rodeos, a parade, midway, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions,chuckwagon racing and First Nations exhibitions. It ended with a rewarding show and fireworks.  Considering that White Hat ceremony was before the «Stampede», we got to use our new white cowboy hats.

Ready for Stampede
Watching chuckwagon race

We also had team building activities, ice break activities every day and an «Amazing Race» at WinSport, The Olympic Stadium in Calgary. In the «Amazing Race» we had to work together to solve various tasks as puzzle, find colored balls with blind eyes, turn a blanket while we were on it and different quizzes.



«Where are we going?»



Thursday evening we had a splendid farewell dinner in the Calgary Hall of Fame. A great end to a fantastic week.

Farewell dinner

After these days in Calgary and at SMART  HQ, I look forward going back to work in mid-August and again try to make my students flourish.  I also look forward to start a new global collaboration with Amy Yonashiro and her students in Hawaii (GCNorwaytoHawaii).Global collaboration was one of the main themes at the summit and I know that such projects promote lifelong learning among the students. With SMART Learning Suite`s functionality , especially SMART amp, it’s easy to connect to the rest of the world.


Thank you to all the SEE`s at the Summit for making this week GREAT and again, thank you SMART Technologies for letting me take part in this amazing event.





Global Collaboration Norway to Hawaii

Følg det spennende samarbeidet 7.trinn på Damsgård skole har med Iolani School på Hawaii via bloggen til Amy Yonashiro og meg – gcnorwaytohawaii.

Dette er en fantastisk mulighet som kom i stand via SMART Technologies SEE Summit.

Vi bruker SMART amp, Notebook(ShoutitOut og MonsterQuiz) til dette samarbeidet.

21stCentury Learning!!!

I dag har vi sendt vår andre pakke til Hawaii.


I den var det blant annet en brunost og en ostehøvel. Da måtte selvfølgelig noen av elevene skrive et «følgebrev» som forklarte at ostehøvelen var en norsk oppfinnelse. De fant også en artig video på nettet som de skrev ned til dem:)

Noen andre elever skrev om flagget vårt.

All tekst må selvfølgelig skrives på engelsk:)

I pakken var det også kakemenn, noe julepynt og Freia «Snø kuler».

Nå venter vi spent på pakke fra Hawaii og i morgen skal det bakes julekaker etter oppskrift fra Hawaii.



LAMIS – kveld om bruk av digitale tavler.

Veldig kjekt at så mange kom på LAMIS – kveld om bruk av digitale tavler i matematikk-undervisningen – engasjerte og positive kursdeltagere.

Under finner dere lenke til presentasjonen min.

Husk at MONSTER QUIZ og noen av de andre LAB `ene bare er i 16.1 versjonen. Det samme gjelder Respons 2 – der vi blant annet fikk opp ordsky når dere svarte.

Presentasjon      NB! Du må ha Notebook på maskinen for å få åpnet den etterat du har lastet den ned.


Lese – og skrivebestillinger i matematikk

Da har jeg latt elevene få jobbe med lese – og skrivebestillinger i matematikk. Det er absolutt noe vi skal bruke mer. Å jobbe på denne måten med en tekstoppgave, gjør at elevene virkelig får tid til å sette seg inn i en oppgave. Når de jobber sammen to og to, får de også brukt språket muntlig og de kan hjelpe hverandre.


Jeg oppdaget under arbeidet på trinnet vårt, at de faktisk brukte en del tid på å diskutere hva ulike begreper/ord betydde. Og det var ikke bare matematiske ord de trengte å få avklart seg i mellom. Ord som jeg tenkte var en selvfølge at de hadde en forståelse av, var faktisk ikke så selvfølgelig likevel. TIDSROM var et slikt ord. De visste at det hadde noe med tid å gjøre, men de skrev først bare «Et klokkeslett».


Å jobbe med lese – og skrivebestillinger i matematikk, tror jeg er en god metode i forhold til Nasjonale Prøver – mange av feilen de får på disse prøvene, kommer av at de ikke setter seg godt nok inn i selve teksten i oppgaven og at de har en misoppfatning av hva begreper betyr.

Til dette arbeidet bruker jeg SMART amp. Her er det lett for meg å sette inn ulike oppgaver og dele ut «ark» til elevene. Lager «ark» med ulik vanskelighetsgrad.  Elevene kan så jobbe sammen eller alene. De har også muligheten til å bruke chatten dersom de sitter på ulike steder eller jobber hjemmefra(lekser).Elevene skriver enten for å hånd med penneverktøyet eller bruker tastaturet.




SMART SEE Summit 2016 – Calgary

For the second time I have had the privilege to be part of SMART SEE Summit in Calgary. It is a great honor. The opportunity to be together with 57 teachers from around the world in a professional environment for 5 days, is quite exceptional. We share the same interests; EdTech and how to prepare students for the future. And SMART Technology is REALLY interested in taking part in all our knowledge and help us by developing good teaching tools. The feeling of being taken seriously and the ability to make an impact, is indescribable.

That Canadians are hospitable, I knew, but arrangements around the Summit surpasses anything. The unique interest from managers and all employees of SMART, is an example to follow. Part of hospitality is also giving guests enough food, and we really did. Someone suggested that maybe we should order a membership at a gym after this week.

Everything from speeches, ShowHows, Hackathon and social events, was well planned – Thank you so much to Ainhoa and Kelly. It was nice to stay at Aloft and work at HQ. It felt like we got a little closer to SMART Technology.
I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity through the SEE program. This week I have linked even stronger ties with those I met last year and made many new friends. I’ve learned a lot from you, my fellow SEEs.
I also look forward to take part in a global collaboration with my students and get an insight into many other projects. My students would not have been given this opportunity without this Summit. They are getting to know Hawaii!

SMART alleSo once again, thank you SMART for making this possible and made us belive that teachers are superheroes and technology is our superpower!

SMART superhero



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